Road and motorway assistance: info, numbers and costs

It is essential, especially for those who travel often (but not only), to know everything about road and motorway assistance . Which numbers to call, what are the possible costs and any useful and necessary information to minimize inconvenience. Staying blocked, perhaps in the evening or at night and away from a town, due to a breakdown of the car or another inconvenience is never particularly pleasant. Especially if you are in a little-known place. And although the spread of mobile telephony has in some way lightened the problem (imagine before the advent of mobile phones, when on such occasions you were really cut off from the world), knowing perfectly the procedure forIt is the duty of every motorist to receive rapid and profitable road or highway assistance .

Who is in need of having to resort to road or motorway rescue in Italy , activity regulated by the regulation of execution and implementation of the art. 159 of the Highway Code , can choose between different options. Bearing in mind that some services provide assistance only on urban and extra-urban roads, others only on motorways and others on both.

In emergency cases, to alert emergency workers, simply call the right number (or send the alert via app) to receive assistance as quickly as possible. Generally the intervention has a cost (unless the motorist has not subscribed to a roadside assistance service or entered an ad hoc insurance), withtariffs defined by the 401 of 4 September 1998 of the Ministry of Transport and Navigation (obviously subject to periodic updating).

Now let’s see what are the services that carry out road and motorway assistance , remembering that there are many others managed by local private companies equally distributed throughout Italy (just a quick Google search to see how many they are).

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