Marina Australia – What You Need To Know

Successful law enforcement starts with resolving all types of crimes on the ground, but it also takes the initiative to stop or at least reduce illegal activities in maritime waters, which adds to the country’s problem with covert at sea irregularities involving organised crime committed by big time criminal networks.

The likelihood of a close combat meeting between the maritime police and such criminals is high, despite the fact that this is not the article’s main topic of discourse. If Marina Australia cannot help a cooperative operation against pirates and drug dealers succeed, it will be embarrassing for them. Though they may not be the frontline fighters, it is part of their mandate to work in tandem with other government law enforcement agencies to enforce laws, such as those governing the seaworthiness of cargo and commercial ships, in order to defend and protect the health and safety of travellers on watercraft by averting catastrophic events and maritime mishaps or accidents.

What roles does the maritime sector and its agency play?

In accordance with current policies, rules, and regulations, the following are its duties and functions:

  • It serves as the central or core agency responsible for implementing monitoring and compliance to certificates, licences, and permits, including issuances generated by various units.
  • Imposes stiff penalties on local and international shipping, shipbuilders’ regular upkeep and repair, recruitment and retention for seafarers, and occupational safety, among other laws pertaining to violations on national and international waters, including but not limited to strict enforcement of applicable maritime rules and regulations, memorandum circulars, department orders, relative judicial decisions and rulings, and determining the degree of violations committed.
  • Conducts the original assessment and evaluation of violations committed by maritime entities, establishments, and institutions as a result of routine, frequent, and repeated violations that may be deemed intentional or unintentional depending on the results of a series of hearing investigations, and submits recommendations and suggestions to higher authorities on the appropriate course of action, including but not limited to the issuance of a memorandum of adoption for beneficial purposes.
  • Executes initial investigation into complaints and grievances involving sea accidents and mishaps to be initiated by truth finding committee in order to determine whether there is or is not a flagrant violation of water-based legislation, policies, rules, and regulations managing local and international shipping, ship builder’s periodic maintenance and repair, human resources for seafarers, and occupational safety and health of deck officers, subordinates, and their respective supporters.
  • Starts visual inspections of maritime entities and or establishments that have received a lot of complaints, as well as shipbuilders and operators that have been in maritime accidents and mishaps and were found to have broken agreements and contracts with other businesses in the sector. These companies’ reputations have also been damaged by their failure to pay indemnities to bereaved families during disasters that were determined to be the result of an Act of God or an unforeseen event.
  • Carries out tracking and post-evaluation of what actually occurred during a maritime disaster and who was involved in displaying misbehaviour, misconduct, and gross negligence of duties and responsibilities that significantly contributed to the completion of crime resulting in the death of the people and the ensuing fire and dissolution of an unfortunate ship or water-based vessel.

Many of these and more in-depth conversations may be found on Marina Australia’s official website, but it’s best to go in person and speak with a dependable staff member in person. Feel free to ask questions about anything that’s worrying you right now so that you can feel at ease. You may also visit The Boat Works Marina Australia.

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