5 Truck Driving Safety Tips That Every Driver Should Know

Driving a truck puts a lot of responsibility on the driver. The life and safety of the truck driver and all the people in the surrounding vehicles, is on the truck drivers shoulders. Trucks usually carry dangerous and heavy material and as they perform a heavy duty, anything can go wrong anytime. Hence, here are 5 truck driving safety tips that every driver should know.

Follow the rules

Given the responsibility of a truck driver in terms of the safety of everyone on the road, it is crucial to follow all the driving rules. Never use your phone while driving. Always wear your seatbelt. Even if you are ensuring that all rules are followed, any malfunctioning can take place. Wearing a seatbelt can actually save you from a lot of damage. Do not violate the speed limit. There is a reason why the speed limit differs for HTV and LTV. The duty trucks perform makes room for a lot of risks and following the speed limit keeps them in control. This includes slowing even further down for turns. Maintain a proper distance with other vehicles while driving and when stopping. Most importantly, a truck must never be overburdened as that induces the risk of crashing down or falling on the road.

Perform checks

Every time you are about to set out on a job or are about to resume driving after a break, you must perform some basic checks. By doing this you keep updating the status of your truck and all its components and parts. Whether problems surface or not, doing so saves you from a lot of accidents. Check the brakes, oil, water and radiator. Keep a lookout for any leaks. See if the moving parts require grease.


After some time some parts of your truck will call for truck repairs brisbane and some for replacing. Oil and oil filters need frequent changing. Air filter should be checked and replaced when it gets clogged. The fuel vent should be checked for any composites and replaced if need be. Every two years the coolant needs to be changed, though it might even alarm you before time. The brake needs to be tested and checked for tears and performance. You must take your truck to its mechanic after some time has passed in terms of usage.

Remain alert

While driving, you must always remain alert. If you feel tired or drowsy, distracted or inattentive towards the road then you should stop immediately. Take a break and refresh yourself with refreshments and a nap if needed.

Understand the drive

Understand your truck while driving. If you feel that it is getting heavy check the engine. Lack of control while turning or stopping, problems with the AC and power steering, squealing sounds, vibrations and reduced performance of the engine are various signs of malfunction. If you sense any, stop and look for the problem. Do not try to drag your truck through them for in doing so you will be putting your safety at risk.

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